XE8 Installation Issue

I downloaded and installed the latest TMS Pack for FireMonkey. I have both XE7 and XE8 on my computer. When I open XE7 all works fine. When I open XE8 I get 2 errors:

Registration procedure, 
Fmx@Tmstableviewbindingreg.Register in package
raised exception class EBindCompError: Invalid
LiveBindings registration.


Can't load package
Presentation Proxy class [TStyledComboEditProxy] for
this presentation name [ComboEdit-style] has already
been registered.

How do I fix this? Thanks!

This is the first time we encounter this issue with XE8.
Have you installed other 3rd party components in XE8?
Anything else that's not a default XE8 install?

I installed using the default XE8 install. Your component is the only 3rd party component we use. Are there any files remaining after the uninstall of a previous version that I could manually delete to see if that helps?

Which specific version of RAD Studio XE8 are you using?

It could also be possible that there are old versions present on your system, so perhaps you could scan your harddisk of old files that are related to the TMS Pack for FireMonkey and remove them, then install the latest version in a clean RAD Studio environment. We will investigate here as soon as possible and verify if the issue isn't something that we might have overlooked during the XE8 support implementation.

Kind Regards, 

Pieter Scheldeman2015-04-13 16:57:40

Your guess about old versions is probably the correct one. I gave up and installed XE8 on a computer that never had RAD Studio on it and then installed your FireMonkey Pack and all went smoothly. I have used your components for so long that in spite of the fact I have never had an issue like this it certainly seems to be the most logical explanation.

Did you upgrade from a beta version or did you completelely uninstalled and performed a clean install? Perhaps an uninstall on your machine and a clean reinstall might solve the issue.

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Not a beta. Found the issue only seems to arise when compiling for both XE7 and XE8.

We also encountered this problem on one of our systems running XE7 and XE8.
Resolved by only compiling/installing into XE8, as above.