TMS Office 2010 Office Ribbon app issue maybe

I just updated to the latest TMS Component Pack -

and now have an issue when one particular application closes-

"Invalid Pointer Operation at 0000000000009272"  when it is compiled as a 64 bit app.
It is ok as a 23 bit app.   The application works ok,

This occurs in XE8 and XE10.

Prior to this DID not occur.  I installed to get XE10 support,
but now the issue is on both environments.

I use many TMS components in the app so I am not sure where the issue is.

the best I can diagnose is trapping on close and see that there
is an issue in system.pas.

is there a way I can 'go back' to the previous VCL component pack for XE8 to
test / check further?

Thanks in advance

Can you please define which particular application throws this error? Can you reproduce this in a separate project? We need more information about which component might be affected before we can further investigate this.

Kind Regards, 


my first request is can you get me the previous non- VCL component suite.
-is there a link on the web site - I just see the current version and recently I  now use
the subscription manager application.

- I still use XE8 for my development and am testing XE10.

As to the application - so far only one application in which I use the TMS components have
this issue.  I have not been able to re-create the problem in a 'new' application with the TMS ribbon wizard, but then the base application has nothing on it....

Upon a little further debug investigation the issue / exception occurs
in System.Classes at line 16900 where there is an IFDEF area for CPUX86 vs CPUX64.
{ Standard window procedure }
function StdWndProc(Window: HWND; Message: UINT; WParam: WPARAM; LParam: WPARAM): LRESULT; stdcall;
{$IF Defined(CPUX86)}
{ In    ECX = Address of method pointer }
{ Out   EAX = Result }
        XOR     EAX,EAX
        PUSH    EAX
        PUSH    LParam
        PUSH    WParam
        PUSH    Message
        MOV     EDX,ESP
        MOV     EAX,[ECX].Longint[4]
        CALL    [ECX].Pointer
        ADD     ESP,12
        POP     EAX
{$ELSEIF Defined(CPUX64)}
{ In    R11 = Address of method pointer }
{ Out   RAX = Result }
  Msg: TMessage;
        .PARAMS 2
        MOV     Msg.Msg,Message
        MOV     Msg.WParam,WParam
        MOV     Msg.LParam,LParam
        MOV     Msg.Result,0
        LEA     RDX,Msg
        MOV     RCX,[R11].TMethod.Data
        CALL    [R11].TMethod.Code
        MOV     RAX,Msg.Result
end;//<<<<<<<<<<<<<exception right here

Just prior to System.Classes debug went through AdvToolBar.pas
clean up code.


I have retested this here but could not reproduce this.
To get an old version, please contact us by email.

Thank you Bruno

- It is only one application that is causing this issue.  I have another application that also
uses the ribbon VCL - not as complicated that is ok with,

At the moment I am 'code freezing' the affected app to the exe that used the previous VCL
Long term I am re-writing (and copy / paste) where I can the affected app.



-I updated to and issue has disappeared...