Rad Studio XE8 Installation issues

Rad Studio XE8 came out on Tuesday.
I uninstalled everything, removed XE7, spent 4 hours installing XE8.
I have the Firemonkey Component Studio, and just purchased Aurelius.
Using the subscription manager, TMS Pack for Firemonkey looks like it compiled and installed OK.
Everything else does not yet recognize XE8.

I assume given XE8 just released that you are working on getting these other items to recognize XE8.
Do you have a guess when the other components will be updated to recognize XE8?

At this time 
TMS Pack for FireMonkey

TMS Component Pack
TMS Cloud Pack
TMS Flexcel 
have XE8 support built-in. 
Other products will follow in the coming days. Given the size of our product range, please understand that it will take some time to add support & test everything against XE8.