WebCore VSC Beta 1.3.4531 and VSC 1.56.2

Existing and new WebCore-projects cannot be editied anymore. I can build them in the project-manager without problems, but Showing the design page does only work if I use Ctrl-F12 twice and then I cannot edit properties in the Object Inspector (feel like they are "read-only"). I can edit the DFM-File, but not in Object-Inspector. It seems that the complete Editor is completely foolish...

Everything works fine in Delphi but not on VSC.
I already switched back to VSC 1.55.2 and WebCore 1.3.4416 - but without success.

Any ideas what might be the reason before I remove the whole VSC-Environment and try re-install everything ?

Thanks, Tom

Thanks for the feedback. Please, can you send me the .dpr and .dproj file? Initially with those files should be enough for me to trying to figure out what is going on. In 1.3, as we allow to work with different projects in the workspace, we are using the .dproj information to assess what files are in what project, while in previous versions it was just assuming there was one project, so there could be an issue on that. Thanks!!

Hello Jose,

here find the files. It's just an empty new in VSC created WebCore-Project.

TMS_VSC.zip (6.0 KB)

Regards, Tom

Hello Jose,

I just kicked out

        "TMSFNCCoreWEB": {
            "name": "TMS FNC Core",
            "path": "packages\\TMSFNCCoreWEB.twcl",
            "checked": true
        "TMSFNCUIPackWEB": {
            "name": "TMS FNC UI Pack",
            "path": "packages\\TMSFNCUIPackWEB.twcl",
            "checked": true

from settings.json. After that I can edit the layouts again !

I guess I should have removed the installed FNC-packages before updating webcore-version - but didn't know how to uninstall/reinstall FNC packages properly.

Regards, Tom

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