VSC WEB Core (plus FNC component studio) installation OK on Windows - KO on Mac

I'm opening topic after quite a trip... to make a long story short, here is a resume:

  • I'm working on a Mac Book M1pro (32GB/2TB) - Windows 11 virtualized with Parallels 18.3.2
  • I've downloaded all VSC FNC components from "My products" page and saved to disk (mac path ~/DEV/TMS/FNC_install/230805/_pkg for the downloaded zip files; then single directories for the extracted stuff - see picture below)


  • The windows VM was totally "clean" (installing everything from scratch due to broken upgrade from Delphi 11.2 to 11.3... embarcadero says that "in the majoity of upgrades there will be no problems...")
  • Installing VSC WEB Core and FNC studio in (clean) windows was totally smooth, herebelow the result of creating a new TMS Web Application via wizard
  • on the other hand, installation on Mac (not "clean") was a little tricky... it was mandatory to clean the OmniPascal search path as suggested by Bruno in this topic Problem installing TMSWebCORE VSC +
  • after cleaning the OmniPascal path I was able to install everything (getting "Done!" in the terminal after each step) but in the end when I tried to create a new TMS Web Application I've received plenty of errors: I don't have screen dump of it but there was a dialog with "Error loading "packages/TMSFNCCoreWEB.twcl" Error loading package packages/TMSFNCCoreWEB.twcl, module "WEBLib.TMSFNCBitmapContainerEditor" misses "WEBLib.StdCtrls" ...and the message was repeated for every FNC package)
  • finally, I decided to uninstall everything (all FCN packages + WebCore) and restarted on the Mac Side from the beginning (I've noted that uninstall deletes all the directories into ~/.vscode/extensions)
  • after having installed only WebCore, this is the situation on Mac with new TMS Web Application via wizard (no error message... but empty tool palette with "No data to display")

Actually it's not a so short story... but I guess that just saying "it works on win, it's empty on mac" was not enough... what do you think?
Thanks in advance!

If you don't get any error message and no componens on the tool palette, means that the core package for TMS WEB Core is not being loaded, so you need to load it:

  • On this shot you see that the TMS Commands option is selected
  • From there, use the command from Tools | Install Packages
  • You will get a new tab called "Install packages" in which you should have TMS WEB Core listed and checked
  • If not, you see at the bottom the path where is usually located, you can click on the button Add... at the bottom and browse for it

Hello Jose,
thanks for the solution - it works perfectly, I had to manually add package /build/core/webcore.twcl

what is really strange is that before (when I had all those error messages and no tool palette at all) all the packages were loaded (at least they appeared as loaded).

It seems that it's better to start new/updated installation from scratch/clean scenarios in order to avoid strange/incorrect behaviours...

I'm going to add step by step all FNCs package, will update you at the end of the process.

I confirm that with a complete reinstall from a "clean" scenario in ~/.vscode/extensions and a manual "add package" for the WebCore package everything about FNC packages then proceeded absolutely smooth.
There were no needs to manually add any package.

What a cool product - I work a lot with JetBrains IDEs, so Delphi IDE looks sometimes a bit "old fashioned"... Visual Studio Code is blazing fast (and native in MacOS...) and it's a real pleasure to have TMS components into it!

Thanks again - everything's OK on MacOS as well, now.

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