TTMSFNCResponsiveManager does not compile in WebCore

  • New, empty WebCore project
  • dropped a TTMSFNCResponsiveManager component onto the form

Compiling gives the following error:

Pas2JS Compiler version 2.3.1 [2023/03/06] for Win32 i386 / TMS WEB Core version v1.8.5.0
[Error] Unit186.pas(44): Incompatible types: got "TComponent" expected "TControl"
Error during compilation
[Fatal Error] Error during compilation

Is there anything that I might have missed? It works fine for me in a VCL application.

I cannot reproduce this with the latest versions of TMS FNC UI Pack & TMS WEB Core. (5.2 KB)

I see you use an old version ( of TMS WEB Core though... I suggest to try with the latest version.

Hm, that old version number is indeed odd. I did not even notice. Technically, I am only one day behind:

I'm going to install that update and make sure, no left overs are there ...

I always just installed the updates for WebCore and never manually cleaned its installation directory - which I now did before installing the update. And voilá, I now really have :slight_smile:

That might explain some odd behavior I experienced previously.

Bildschirmfoto 2023-07-30 um 14.55.59

PS: XData and Aurelius force you to clean up - so I got lazy, thinking the setup would do everything automatically ;-)

PS2: The TComponent/TControl error is gone

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