Switch source / designer become a blank screen

Hi all,
with the last release v1.9.5239 TMS WebCore VSC used with Windows 10

Switch source / designer arrives to a blank screen.


If you had installed additional packages, recompile the installed packages with the new version and then retry to open the forms.

I've installed Vaadin and SmartUI packages.

How to recompile this packages with VisualStudio code ?

I do not use these packages anymore. I prefer uninstall them.

How do I do for this ?
Thank you.

To uninstall the packages, go to View, Command Palette, TMS Install Packages
From this screen, selected the package to uninstall and click Remove

after remove 2 packages and reload VSC twice
Failed again with error message

Thank you

It looks like you removed the TMS WEB Core framework itself. This one default package should remain installed. I suggest to reinstall TMS WEB Core to bring it back.

No. But to follow your instruction I've de-install all TMS Web Core VSC, restart VSC and
install again and restart again and the error remains.

Ok I've found solution.
the TMS Web Core package is here but not checked.

You should check TMS Web Core package in Design Package view.

I think it would be safer to prevent this uncheck possibility.
Thank you.

Good suggestion. We will see if we can improve this.