Update via TMS Subscription Manager failed

I want to do Updates with the Subscription Mananger, but I get the message:
"Filesize incorrect. Restart Subscription Manager and retry"

If I repeat pressing the Update button, somtime the download starts. But now I gets the error:
"Maximum nr. of downloads per day exceeded. Please retry later."

Can you correct the timeout problem!

We are not aware of any timeout problems.
Is there any antivirus / proxy / firewall running that could interfere with the internet connection the TMS Subscription Manager needs?

I have reported the same issue. 

I have turned off my firewall but I still getting the same error always: "Maximum nr. of downloads per day exceeded. Please retry later.

Do you have a solution for this issue?

Do you have any antivirus running? We know there is some types of antivirus that cause a rerouting of the download that can cause our server to see two different IP addresses for the download.