Subscription Manager Issue

Since renewing my subscription and receiving a new registration code I am having problems with updating versions only on my notebook which is WIndows 10. The two packs I am having problems with are TMS Cloud Pack for Firemonkey and TMS WebGMaps for Firemonkey. I have no problem with my Development Windows 7 PC.

When I try to download and install I get the error message: Filesize incorrect. Restart Subscription Manager and retry. Doing so makes no difference. When I Check the AppData\Local\tmssoftware\ folder for the products nothing has been downloaded.

Help please.

Is there no firewall / antivirus / websecurity tool active that incorrectly interferes with the downloads?

Thanks.I had tried turning off the ESET firewall but it turned out to be that the subscription manager needed adding to the list of applications that were allowed web access.