update install problem

component pack

Win7 64 bit

XE8 and XE10 installed

When I install, it doesn't recognize the presence of XE8 or XE10 --- offering only the manual install as options.

After install, no include or lib links to TMS in XE8 or XE10.

reinstalled --- same problem. Did not have problem on my home computer (with same configuration).

any ideas ??



Difference in antivirus?

If problem persists, contact us by email and include the installer log file generated under \My Documents.

Even more strange, as a test I re-installed on my personal laptop (Win10, different AV than at work), and it recognizes XE8 and XE10 but fails on the builds. The first log error says: required package 'vcl' not found.

XE8 loads and builds a blank VCL app without problem.


When you get the error "required package vcl not found", this typically means there is an issue with the library path setup of XE8 and/or D10.
Locate vcl.dcp (typically in C:\Program Files (x86)\Embarcadero\RAD Studio\XX.0\lib\win32\release and make sure this folder is in your library path.

for my first question:

Where does TMS installer look for the XE* installation? The log files for TMS 8.0 and 7.9 (reinstalled) do not find either XE8 or XE10, though both are installed and functioning. TMS 7.9 was previously installed and functioning. Both studio 16 and 17 are in the system environment path.

Re: my laptop, vcl.dcp is where it should be, and in the lib path in XE8

The installer looks in the registry to check if an IDE is present.

It looks at the key:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Embarcadero\BDS\9.0\RootDir for Delphi XE.

When the IDE is found, it uses the path found in RootDir to start RSVARS.BAT from
and then invokes MSBUILD to build the packages.
After calling RSVARS.BAT, MSBUILD has all environment variables it needs to build the package, i.e. also the library paths.

in \embarcadero\BDS I see \16 and \17, for XE8 and XE10

The RootDir for both is correct

I now realize there are other problems with my system: XE* repair reports -1 bytes disk space available.

thanks for your help.


I just tried to install AdvNavBar in DE10. No .proj for DE10 so I used XE5 hoping that would be close enough. I got a compiler error in AdvGDIP line 2772: E2037 saying that the Declaration of Stat differs from prior declaration.


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