Undeclared TIWServer

I have an issue running IW12.2.8 and Iphone Controls under D2010.

I can't compile an application developed with the IW XI  since it doesn't compile IWPhoneBase anymore. The message I get is that TIWServer is not declared.

The problem comes up in IWiPhoneBase, in the following procedure in the ELSE part:
procedure TMSAddInternalFile(FileID, FileName: string);
  gInternalFiles.add(FileID, FileName);
  TIWServer.AddInternalFile(FileID, FileName);

Can anyone help, please?

Best regards,

Can you please make sure you correctly copied tmsdefs121.inc to tmsdefs.inc? (As indicated in the install.txt file)

When using IW 12.1 or newer (as in your case), the "gInternalFiles" should get called instead of TIWServer.AddInternalFile.

Absolutely correct, Bart - that did it. :-(

Sorry I should have known/seen my self since I have un-installed and re-installed this several time already...

Thanks a lot!