IW 14.0.25 with Delphi XE5


I am working with IW 14.025 Enterprise, RAD Studio XE5 and TMS IW

With IW 14.0.22 it works fine but with the current IW Version it is not possible to place any TMS component into a form. i get always exception errors i.e. 'Exception on Adress 2AE7E7... in Modul IntraWEB_14_DXE5.bpl ......'.

Have anybody an idea for the reason about this?


If you have upgraded to IW 14.0.25 from a previous IW 14 version you'll have to rebuild the TMS IW packages to avoid errors like you mentioned.


small reason and great effect.

It works now!!!

Thanks for your quick help!

hi there.

I have similar problem but I receive one error when I try to recompile the IW14TMSDXE5UPD and IW14TMSGRIDDXE5UPD.

the error is in the IWHTMLENG.PAS unit at line 400.


[dcc32 Error] IWHTMLENG.PAS(400): E2010 Incompatible types: 'PInteger' and 'Integer'

please some help.


INTRAWEB 14.0.28

TMS downloaded today (06.05.2014)


Can you please make sure you are using the correct tmsdefs.inc file?
For IW 14, you should rename tmsdefs140.inc to tmsdefs.inc in the folder where the TMS IntraWeb Component Pack source files are located.
Please see install.txt for detailed instructions.

works ok.

many tks.