Install error - XE; IW 12.2.12

Downloaded and installed latest version of today and attempted to compile iw12tmsd2011packages with the following error:
[DCC Error] IWTMSBase.pas(242): E2003 Undeclared identifier: 'TIWServer'

Needless to say I cant proceed further....

Advise solution please.

Did you FIRST rename the correct TMSDEFSxxx to TMSDEFS.INC ?


after reboot the install worked successfully.

Is supposed to be identical to

The TTIWAdvToolButton size problem I was having now worse than before.

Both the enabled and disabled layouts are now over sized!

Yes, that is correct.

A change was made to make the behavior consistent for both enabled and disabled layouts.
The height of the TIWAdvtoolButton is now also automatically increased based on the content. (text and/or image)

If something is not working as expected, can you please explain exactly what is going wrong?