Error installing TMS IW14 on XE5

When opening the IW14TMSSEDXE5.dprof file I get the error classes TAdvMemo,TAdvJSMemoStyler, TWinXP not found (needed in forms TMSScriptEdit,TMSMenuScripEdit and TMSEventScriptEdit)

The other packages installed without errors, so whats wrong here?


Uuups, sorry, forgot to install the xls package first! now it works!

OK, after installing I get a strange error when opening my web project:

E2010 Incompatible type PLINT_PTR and PDWORD in TMSIWSystem.pas line 498:

    RaiseException($406D1388, 0, SizeOf(xThreadNameInfo) div SizeOf(LongWord), {$IFNDEF VCL16ORABOVE}PDWord{$ELSE}PUINT_PTR{$ENDIF}(@xThreadNameInfo));

Is XE5 not supported yet?



Yes XE5/IW14 is supported.
Can you please make sure you are using the correct file?
Instructions on using can be found in install.txt.

Dear Bart,

I decided to install TMS from scratch, renamed the TMS140DEFS.INC file to and followed the install.txt.

On installing the IW14TMSXLSDXE5.DPROJ file I get several warnings (symbol "Seek" and "TCharacter" are deprecated), but ignored these.

On installing the IW14TMSSEDXE5.DPROJ file I get an error:
"File not found: classes.dcu" - this file does not exist in XE5! Maybe the compiler does recognize, that I still use a Delphi 7 environment? Is this last file absolutely needed for use of TMS Intraweb components?


This might be an issue with a missing unit scope name.

Can you please make sure the unit scopes names in the project options looks like the line below?


Hi Bart,

It seems to be the same except the first Winapi entry:


Please check your library path too. CLASSES.DCU is an essential Delphi unit that should be available and that the compiler needs to compile almost anything.

Normally, your library path should contain
Make sure this is the case and the BDSLIB env. variable is correct.
If a problem persists and you're unable to solve this, consider a Delphi reinstall.