IW12.1 and iPhone Controls not running on iPhone

After experimenting with IW10 and the iPhone controls I decided to go for the latest version of IW in order to get rid of some of the restrictions of IW10.

I can still compile the application and the (stand alone) server starts without any issues. I can access the app with a Firefox from my PC but iPhone emulators and iPhones get stuck completely and don't show anything. I even created a new app with just a simple label on there - not working!
I once got the message that the browser would be unknown!

Any idea what this can be?

I have the same challenge with your demo apps...

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If I understood your explanation correctly, even a simple app where only default IW controls have been used is not accessible via iPhone?

Can you please make sure you are not using an evaluation version of IntraWeb?
One of the restrictions of the evaluation version is that apps can only be accessed from the localhost address (, as such they are not accessible via iPhone/iPad.

I confirm that this are not evaluation versions. I can in general acces the app, but as soon as I try to access the app/site from an iPhone/an emulator it just gets stuck. I can give you the access details so you can try it from your end.

Does the issue also occur with an app that uses only default IW controls?
If so, please contact Atozed software for further assistance.

If not, yes, please provide access details.
Can you also provide a ready to use sample app that demonstrates the issue so I can further investigate this?
You can send it to mailto:info@tmssoftware.com

Thanks for your reply Bart.

I have to admit that some further investigation from my end makes me think that this is probably an IntraWeb XII issue rather than at your end. I have contacted atozed on this and will keep you posted on the outcome.

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Hi everyone,
we got a bit further on this issue. It is definitly related to IW12 - the same code works fine using IW11.

We are investigating this issue further and will keep you posted.

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This is actually an error in the IW components and solved in IW12.2.9!

Quote from IntraWeb forum: There was an issue with 12.2.8 and previous versions: sometimes the
ContentType header field was not being set to 'text/html'. Some browsers
just don't understand it as a HTML page.

After I installed v12.2.9 last night I can work fine with these components.

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