TWebSearchEdit. Project Demo

Hello, I want to ask the project file for the TWebSearchEdit demo component, why isn't it in the demos folder?

What exact demo in what exact folder are you looking at?

Dear Bruno,
I mean an example project file using the TWebSearhEdit Component if it's in the demos folder

There are over 100 demos under Demos.
There isn't one specific to TWebSearchEdit. So what exact demo do you use?

Dear Bruno,

Maybe just skip it because I have something I want to ask, I made an example program using TWebSearchEdit, I included an example project file that uses the TWebSearchEdit component and when it runs it doesn't work. (6.8 KB)

  1. There is a mistake in your project. Your main project HTML file has the same HTML file name as unit1. Please use different names (like this is the case when you create a new project)
  2. We've seen an issue with TWebSearchEdit when bound to a HTML DIV. We've applied an improvement for this

Ok, Thanks for your information