TWebSearchEdit online help and Bootstrap issue


Like in topic two issues concerning TWebSearchEdit.

  1. when you click online help you will be redirected to but 404 error occurred.

  2. when you use the bootstrap and select the serchedit you will get an error
    Uncaught TypeError: is not a function
    at Object.DoEnter (WEBLib.StdCtrls.pas:2281:1)
    at Object.HandleDoEnter (WEBLib.Controls.pas:4619:3)
    at HTMLInputElement.cb (rtl.js:236:1)

Project for repro (1.6 MB)

  1. Next issue ... Enabled:=False doesn't work either.
  2. Next issue ... if you assign something to SearchImageULR you got an error
    [Error] MainFrm.pas(1391): Can't access protected member SearchImageURL
    the same for ClearImageURL.
  1. We updated the online doc
  2. We could not reproduce this with v2.3
  3. We fixed this
  4. We fixed this

Okay... thx ... When do you plan the WEB Core release with fixes?

End of this week or next week

Great !!! thx

I can confirm that 1,2,3 is fixed in the version
but 4, for now, I can assign SearchImageULR and ClearImageULR but the assigned image is not displayed ... I still see the default grey images.

I cannot reproduce this. Attached test project. (6.2 KB)

Try this

When you click Change search image, the image should change. (97.2 KB)

Ok ... I see that I should add BeginUpdate and EndUpdate ... but how can I add size to the image. The final page render is like this


Is it possible to add search.png like this

img src="search.png" height="16px" width="16px">

or add some css class tag?

There is at this moment no property to control the image size