TMS Intraweb Components demos?

Is there any TMS Intraweb Component demos? Or did I miss something...

Things like the TTMSIWADVWEBGRID has a so-so PDF document but
looks to be no actual working demos / examples included.

This is a very big component that does a lot of things. It would be nice to have some 
actual usable code to try out for something that has many many features.

Some of the smaller things are pretty straight forward, but the bigger components, examples
would help a ton.

The registered version distribution contains a set of sample applications.

Please look for the demos subfolder in the registered version distribution.

I don't seem to have a subfolder for demos.
I thought maybe under the public documents folder but not there either.

I logged into the TMS site and found demo downloads there.

Hopefully the 12.1 or newer covers Intraweb 14 as (newer) :) 

It compiles and runs so that is good!

Oops posted above under the other TMS account...... sigh.

Anyways, the demos work... thanks.