Transparent property not streamed?

I have lately noticed in Delphi 10.2.3 that with some components the Transparent property is not saved to the form. For example, given:
TAdvOfficeCheckBox (multiple instances)

I set Transparent true on the TAdvGroupBox and on the several contained TAdvOfficeCheckBox instances, save, close the form and reopen, and the Transparent property is now False.

I work around this by setting in code at run time, but there are many forms which exhibit this problem, and applying fixes in code will be a significant undertaking.

Version is installed.

We would not see a problem with TAdvOfficePager, TAdvOfficeCheckBox with TMS VCL UI Pack latest version v10.5.7.0
We saw & fixed the issue with TAdvGroupBox. This fix will be in the next release.

I have downloaded, and built with it the attached project which exhibits the problem as I see it.
On the main form, set the Transparent property on the two group boxes. Build and run. All is well.
Save, close, and reopen the form. The group boxes are no longer set to Transparent. (56.0 KB)

Thanks. That helped to identify and solve the problem.
The next update will address this.