TAdvOfficePager becomes Transperant in Windows 10

I use the VCL Component "TAdvOfficePager" in my Delphi 7 Application. This works absolutly flawless till now. I've  got a strange behaviour. On every Windows Version the tabs sheets look perfect except Windows 10.

The Tabs become transparent on certain areas and displays part of controls from tabs below, see here:


I checked a lot of settings from the control but none seems to cause this. Also Repainting or Refreshing solves this. Anyone an idea??

Can you isolate this problem in a small test project? 

Not that Easy, because I think I have to have also those controls on the tabs. Interesting is that it ONLY affects Windows 10, even on Windows 8.1 it looks perfect

So far, we could not reproduce an issue here, so we'll really need more details.

So I did some investigations. This behaviour is only if the display settings ti Hi DPI Settings (125% an above). If the setting is normal (100%) it doesn't happen. Probably the contraints on maximize doesn't work there at all. Unfortunatly the HiDPI Settings are set by Win10 Installation on Systems with high resolutions automatically :-(

Anyone an idea?

I have retested this here with a HighDPI (4K) screen in different modes and with & without manifest to run the app in HighDPI mode, but in none of these cases I could see an issue. Can you please isolate this issue and provide some sample source app with which we can reproduce the problem here?