TMS ToolBars and Menus Developers Guide.pdf


I think there is a proble with this PDF. It's supposed to talk about Toolbar and Menus but, I read WebUpdates things instead.

TMS ToolBars and Menus Developers Guide.pdf


The link below is displaying the correct information. Can you please let me know exactly where you found the incorrect link?

Bart Holvoet2019-09-17 08:44:26

Hello Bart,

I will try to upload the pdf for you to see. But the pdf came from the VCL Pack install package. And I did try your link on you post but it doesn't work. 

Ok was able to get access to your PDF and it's ok. I will try to send you the one I have. later today.

Thank you for notifying.
We'll investigate if there is an issue with the PDF files included in the TMS VCL UI Pack.

Thanks for reporting. We can confirm this will be fixed in the next release!