Bug TMS Subscription Manager v2.1.0.5 ?


I downloaded the latest VCL UI pack and have two issues:

  1. the installation never finishes (Delphi + C++ builder, v. 10.4.1)
  2. the TMS Subscription Manager shows a rather odd display after restart of the machine:

Is this known?

Kind regards and have a good weekend

We fixed it.

And I cannot download anything.
I click on download and nothing happens.

Can I go back to

With the old Version I cannot download too.

All downloads are failing. If I go to my products on your website I get a 500 - internal server error.

There is an issue with a certificate on the download server.
The company responsible for this has been notified and asked to fix this asap.
As a workaround for now, you can download from the "My Products" page on our website (possibly after ignoring a certificate warning).

Hi Bruno,
Just for information, the product page are also impacted. I can see only some products, not all of them.
The page break after this message : 'msxml3.dll error '80072f05' The date in the certificate is invalid or has expired /site/fso.asp, line 2697'.
It's not urgent for me, I can wait until it's fixed.
Best regards

You should be able to workaround that by forcing your browser to accept the certificate.