Tadvmenu does not update

Drop in a form a TAdvDockPanel, inside add a TAdvToolBar and connect it with a TAdvMainMenu.
Create menus in the TadvMenu and then try to change caption in the 0-level menus of the TadvMainMenu though code while application is running. Nothing can make the make to be repainted with the changes....
Any ideas?

Call AdvToolBar.UpdateMenu

Thank you, it works now

Is it possible to create custom LoadToolBarsPosition/saveToolBarsPosition procedures to save to xml?
How to access Rows or disable changes during update?

LoadToolBarsPosition/saveToolBarsPosition uses fixed an INI file like structure for persistence of position. There is not a built-in capability to persist in XML format.

2) There is no access to rows. If you want to know the row in which a toolbar is, I'd suggest to check this by the toolbar vertical position. 

An other problem with Tadvdocpanel and Tadvtoolbar:
The shortcut keys of a Tadvmainmenu inside a Tadvtoolbar inside a Tadvdocpanel do not work.
Is it normal? Thank you in advance

This is not normal.
Can you please verify what you do different from the TAdvToolBarDemo that demonstrates using the TAdvDockPanel, TAdvToolBar, TAdvMainMenu and uses shortcuts too that work fine in this demo.

You have email with a very simple unit that shortcuts do not work 

As you do not respond to emails, the Tadvtoolbar demo works for ctrl+key shortcuts, but not with ctrl+Alt+X

Your email was replied to this morning!

Sorry, nothing received, nor in my spam folder. Anyway, please try to fix this problem...... thanks again

The email was resent now again to the reply address of your email with subject: Tadvmenu does not update

I received it now. Thank you.
Is it possible to have a hotfix through
email, or should I roll back to a previous version? I will have an
update in my software at the end of the week. Thanks again.

An incremental source update was sent.

Thank you very much. I can always count on you.