IF I right-click on the component and click on "Documentation" in the context menu, the web browser opens with the URL "". However, this does not seem to be correct.

The correct link should be: TTMSFNCSearchList - TMS FNC UI Pack

We have tested this here and couldn't reproduce this. Are you using the latest version of our components?

I have installed the latest FNCUI package with version
The version of the FNCSearchList is
As I just saw, the link does not work with FNCSearchEdit either (no version number is displayed here!?).

With the Searchedit the same wrong URL is called...

That's very strange! Did you update TMS FNC Core as well?

Yes, I have the Version installed.

We are able to reproduce this here in VCL, not in FMX. We'll correct this, the next version will have the fix included.

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