TMS Subscription Manager on Wi-Fi


I have some issues with the TMS Subscription Manager. I have some random interruptions with my Wi-Fi USB Antenna and while downloading a package seem to bring the software in a loop state.

The application is still responsive but stopped downloading. When I check in Task Manager, I see activities in the CPU column but nothing in Network. I have to use Task Manager to kill the application and start again.

Perhaps having a cancel download would be useful. For me at least :slight_smile: Or a forced restart download.

Because it's a pain to download TMS Web Core, it's getting bigger and bigger :slight_smile:


Interesting, we'll need to investigate and indeed the suggestion to have a cancel download is good.

To force a reset of the download of TMS WEB Core, easiest is to delete the files under
c:\users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\tmssoftware\TMS WEB Core and restart TMS Subscription Manager. It should offer to download again then.

Same with me when many files (5+) selected for download at once. It freezes, and I must force download by deleting files. There's a new version. I did not test it with many files selected yet.