Bug TMS Subscription Manager v2.0.1.1 ?

There is a stupid error in TMS Subscription Manager v2.0.1.1
If I update the components on my Notebook with WiFi-Internet, sometimes the download stops. I don't know if the Internet Connection is the reason. Sometimes Google-Chrome download stops for 1 or 2 seconds, but then it goes on.
The subscription Manager does Nothing. Only the waitcursor. If I close the program (Dialog Abort Download -> ok), Nothing happens. The only way is to kill the program with the taskmanager.


We'll investigate if we can reproduce situations here where the TMS Subscription Manager hangs when during a download an internet connection gets lost.

I just set-up a new VM with RIO. The subscription manager updates to However the FNC Dashboard components are missing. Is this normal?

Another one: The FixInsight version that is downloaded by does not show the Rio installation


I checked TMS Subscription Manager with your credentials and I do see TMS FNC Dashboard Pack listed and ready for download.

TMS FixInsight is not yet ready for Delphi 10.3 Rio. With the new language extensions coming with Rio, this is far more complex than other products to add support for 10.3 Rio.

I needed to use the code from the Business subscription to access it.

Would it be possible to have one code as part of the All-Access subscription rather than switching between codes? Just a suggestion.

Many thanks for all your help over the year. I wish you and the team a happy, healthy and prosperous 2019

I used your TMS ALL-ACCESS code to see all products and it showed all, including TMS FNC Dashboard Pack. If you have doubts about what code to use, contact us by email as this forum is not really the place to share this code :)

I just sent you an email - many thanks

I am getting the same on download Manager It is getting anywhere from 58 - 96% through downloading the UI pack, but then hangs with about 30% CPU usage. I can not close the app without using Task manager

After a number of attempts I deleted the partial download folder from \Local\tmssoftware and finally it managed to get the 141MB download. Maybe just luck, but at least I now have it. But this is not encouraging going forward...