TMS Subscription manager blocked on even if it detects and download release


I had too many problems with downloading packages (freeze, no download, ...) with release of TMS Subscription Manager, so I downloaded it again from "My Products" page.

The downloaded version is and same problems for downloads (freezes before displaying packages list and during download even for only one package).

The program detects the release on startup and when I accept to update, it download the cab files and does nothing else except starting as

Could you please update links from product pages for latest program to download and not this one or explain how we can update even if the program doesn't do it itself ?

Are you starting TMS Subscription Manager from a shortcut?
Try to start it directly from Windows Explorer by dbl-clicking the EXE and it should auto update.

Hi Bruno
I used a shortcut and directly from the exe file.
I'm wondering if it's not a problem with Windows Defender or Windows release (the last update). The CAB file is downloaded but the change is not applied.
I finally updated TMSSubscriptionManager in an older Windows VM where I use ESET NOD32 and copied it on this one.

In what folder do you put TMS Subscription Manager?
Is there anything special / specific with user permissions on this folder?

I used the "Downloads" folder on each VM. No special setup for it.

If this VM has no special interferences with respect to internet connection and/or folder permissions, I cannot see a reason for this or understand this.

Thanks. We'll see for future releases of Subscription Manager program.