TMS Logging with WEB core

TMS logging seems to support VCL and FMX. Do you have plans to build WEB core logging also?

Do you have any recommendations or examples how to implement client side js logging?

Client side logging can be done with from TMS WEB Core with:


Other than the webbrowser console, with or without TMS Logging, to what target do you wish to log?

I wish to log app actions to investigate possible problem later if user had problems. There will be limited number of users and I could access devices also if necessary. Often user describtion about problem is very limited: It does not work. 

Logging could be both sides in my case. Client side for more specific and communications errors. Server side for activity logging.

If I have PWA appliction how I can see console log? Is it stored as file somewhere in Android?

It really depends on your platform. For iPhone, there are Safari Dev Tools that allow you to view everything that goes on with regard to web applications on your iPhone.

For Android, I found this documentation:

In the case of web applications, you would need a server to store this information. You could easily build your own XData server with a Logging service that will store all log items in a database that you can evaluate.

Just be aware that some country-specific laws might prohibit you to do so!

How to user console.log in web core?

if I just add


then I get an error: indentifier not found "console".

do I have to always use asm in struction before calling console.log?

Is the unit web in your uses list?

Added, it's working now. I didn't knew where the console.log was located :)