Problem for Linux target


Even when adding TMSLoggingCore in the uses statement I have errors 'identifier not found TMSLogger' for all TMSLogger occurrences.

I reinstalled TMSLogging; still the same problem

Delphi 11 with patch 1 ; TMSLogging 2.3

Also, could you update the doc to make it clear about Linux ?

TMSLogger is declared in units VCL.TMSLogger or FMX.TMSLogger, you should use one of those units - or simply TMSLogger if your application is configured to use VCL or FMX alias.

If you use only TMSLoggingCore, then you should use TMSDefaultLogger global variable.

I'm not sure what exactly are you referring to regarding Linux in documentation?

Just to be clear it's console app.
Maybe it's not supported ?

About the doc I was referring to linux console apps.

In this case you should use TMSDefaultLogger.

Many thanks for the tip.

As it also works when targeting Windows, the way to be able to share code between platforms would be to use TMSLoggingCore and TMSDefaultLogger everywhere instead of VCL.Logging and FMX.Logging and TMSLogger ?