I'm trying Web Core with Delphi 12.

I can't add any unit to the source code.
When I add a unit, manually or dropping a component on the form, to the code of the application (I repeat, any unit) when I compile I always get the message from the pas2js compiler:

can't find unit "xxxx"

Is this a desired behavior, and I didn't understand something?
or is a problem of the installation.

I'm trying to add units like:
and so on.

My Windows 11 machine is a VMWare machine installed over VMWare Fussion on a Mac.

First of all, I'm not sure these units will work to compile to web.
Other than this, you need to add the folder where these files are located to your TMS WEB Core library path that is under Tools, Options, TMS WEB, Library path:

You said, " I'm not sure these units will work to compile to the web".

If I deploy the web on a Windows, will this be a problem?

I want to try it, of course, but What are the requirements for a component to be compatible with the web?

I can't assign the path to Delphi Libraries like "C:\Program Files (x86)\Embarcadero\Studio\23.0\lib\win32\release", where is "System.Hash.dcu". Nor to the source font provided by Embarcadero.
IDE gives me an Access Violation Error whenever I press the Add button.

Anyway, when I add the path to the source code of DMVCFramework, I can't compile the program because the conditionals define detect, I think, the version of the Pas2js compiler version instead of the Delphi compiler version.

As I understand now, this tool is a new language with the syntax of Delphi, but with its libraries and its components, right?

If I want to incorporate new components, they need to be created to be inserted inside this tool. Is that true?

No one library of third party thought to be used with Delphi Win32/Win64 is able to use this compiler. Am I missing?

For example, the TREST Library of DMVCFramework is not able to be used with TMS Web Core.

What kind of libraries are able to be used with your Web Core?

TMS WEB Core is about transpiling Object Pascal code to run this code in the browser.
The browser can be considered the operating system where the code is running, so, anything using the Windows API will not work in the browser. Object Pascal code that is not using anything Windows or VCL specific, can work & run in the browser.
TMS WEB Core comes with its component framework to run in the browser as well as our entire FNC component offerings that were made web-ready

I understand that I was missing.


One more question. I read that Web Core supports REST.
Can I assume I can develop my server with DMVCFramework, creating REST asks that communicate with JSON objects, like JSON/RPC?

Of course, I'm trying to do it, but I will thank you if you tell me, and other people who can read this, that I am going the right way now.

You should indeed be able to consume REST APIs that pass JSON data in/out from the TMS WEB Core client.

A last ask. Sorry!

I've seen that I could install TMS Web Core in "Visual Studio Code."

Is it possible to install it on Mac OS X?

I've just bought the book of Dr. Holger Flick. :grinning:

TMS WEB Core for Visual Studio Code can indeed run on macOS

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