Logging on Linux

I was excited to install the latest version of the logging library. I created a quick tester to try it out on Linux, but was unable to find the Linux version of FMX.TMSLogging. Can I create this manually?

I went for a walk with the wife and on the way it occurred to me: why don't I simply make FMX.TMSLogging part of the test program? Then build it and copy the .o and .dcu files to the TMS Logging Linux64 directory!
Seems to have worked, so there's a workaround.
Okay. The test program works, but can only create a log file (I want to use the text file option) in the same directory as the executable. If I try to create it with the name '~/testprog.log' I get an error 2 EFCreateError.
But what about my apache module? This is what I want to use logging for. How can I create a text file log?

FMX is not officially available for Linux by default, so it's not officially supported. You can use the TMSDefaultLogger present in TMSLoggingCore unit.

The file error you are getting is probably related to permissions, an Apache module runs using a different user, you have to check what are the folders you would have access to save for.

Thanks Wagner. My messages are now appearing in syslog (as well as on the PAServer console). That'll do!