TAdvToolBar: display problems

When I assign the AdvMenuStyler property of the TAdvToolBar to a TAdvMenuFantasyStyler component on OnCreate of a window, it changes correctly based on the colors assigned to the style, but looks white for a moment and then paints correctly, how can I avoid this?

I also have problems with the scaling of the button icons of this component when I set Project/Application/Manifest/DPI Awareness = Per Monitor v2, I had to set the property to Unaware to see the scaling of the button icons correctly. Is there any solution for this?

I cannot see a problem when using the TAdvMenuFantasyStyler in our toolbar demo app.
Demo is attached here:

What are you doing different?
AdvToolBarDemo.zip (16.4 KB)

What exact problem happens with button icons?
We recommend to use a SVG icons or TVirtualImageList if you want different images for different DPI.

Hello, the problem is when you use a delphi style, here I attach the same project with the problem (when displaying the window, the window toolbar and some other components look blank)
AdvToolBarDemo.zip (3.5 MB)
When you use very high resolutions (

3024x1812, scale 300%), the icons look very small

If you use PNG images, these will not automatically scale.
For scaling, we recommend to use a TVirtualImageList connected to a TAdvSVGImageCollection as these will scale & remain sharp for different DPI.

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about the size of the icons with what you mention already works correctly.
To fix the small white flickering of some components when creating a window, do you have a solution?

First thing to check is whether setting DoubleBuffered = true on container controls helps

no it doesn't seem to work setting DoubleBuffered := true
if you download the above project you can check this problem i mention

I retested your app here with your default Windows 11 Polar Dark style, but I could not see a 'small white flickering'. Where exactly do you see this?

Here you can see the flashing
unknown_2023.05.04-10.08.zip (45.6 KB)