Issue with changing screen dpi TADVGlowButton

I am testing "TMS VCL UI Pack Trial" \ Demos\AdvGlowButton (v on a desktop with multiple monitors with different dpi. the app start on a screen resolution 96 dpi , the font ok TADVGlowButton is ok, when I put the app to second screen resolution 192 dpi the font does not adapt to the new resolution.
Any idea how to make it work correctely ?


Strange, as this should work out of the box.
What Delphi version do you use?
Also, can you try to set AdvGlowButton.Appearance.SystemFont = false?

I am using Delphi 12.
I set AdvGlowButton.Appearance.SystemFont to false but still not working.

We found circumstances with which there was an issue with Delphi 12 and we've applied a fix for this that will be in the next release.

We bought ""TMS VCL UI Pack" and add it to our project and still watting for the fix. When is the next release scheduled for?

As soon as possible, we are still working on another couple of improvements.

In Your latest release (comparing to all previos versions) You have ruined all AdvGlowButton font sizes on DPI higher than 1.0.
I'm developing in DPI: 96. When I run may app in higher DPI - all captions on glow buttons are scaled twice or more.
See the screens - both are from Windows scaled to 150%.
My app is properly scaled to Windows DPI so this is not a problem of my code.


We internally already fixed this. The next TMS VCL UI Pack release will address this.

Is this fixed in a release?
This is how the demo looks in version (downloaded today)

This is what I see here: Delphi 12.1 , latest version TMS VCL UI Pack, 150% DPI screen:

Windows 11 22H2
Delphi 12.0
Screen resolution is 3840x2160
dpi scaling is 150%
For me run time text only matches design time when dpi scaling is 100%

The screenshot I shared is from a 4K screen at 150% DPI

In my case it runs even better. 3840 x 2160 at 150%, running the demo as-is, these first and third buttons show the text without word-wrapping . They fit in one line !

My problem is Delphi 11 IDE, that crashes and closes when I change with dpi scale :man_facepalming:t2:

BTW, compiling with DPI awareness = Per Monitor v2