TAdvStringGrid Scaling Issue with GDI Scaling

on a Windows 10 Pro machine with 4k HighDPI Monitor and 150% scaling, Delphi-11 and TMS UI Pack v10.6.2 I have the following problem:
With a Project with GDI Scaling and a TAdvStringGrid the text that is displayed by the OnGetDisplText Event, the size is very small. When the text is entered with .Cells[c, r] := 'xy' the text size is correct.
But it doesn't happen with default settings.
Unfortunatly I couldn't figure out the settings that cause the error. But I have a sample project: https://app.box.com/s/kx5lr7gs3tfs828xqvcakp9oo9noh4ye

I see you set grid.FixedFont.Size = 6 while the normal font is Font.Size = 9 and you happen to use OnGetDisplText for the fixed cells

Thank you, my bad

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