Font Size

I've developing a VCL desktop app, using a number of TMS components, and I'm getting a weird issue. I'm using Windows 10 on VMWare on my iMac (5120x2880) .

The problem is that the default font size of text in the TMS components (e.g. TAdvStringGrid) show up as minute compare to a TStringGrid, with both components on the same form.

So I create a new VCL project, drop on a TStringGrid and a TAdvStringGrid, and in code, populate a few cells in each with text . The text on the TADvStringGrid is really small, whereas on the TStringGrid it is the same size as the caption on the form.

Is there anything I can do?



Is this the latest version of the component?
What IDE do you use? Do you use form.Scaled? Do you compile for high DPI mode?

Please provide sufficient details for us to understand the circumstances of the issue you encounter.

Delphi 10.1.

This occurs when Scaled is On. If I switch off scaled, then the whole app has the same small text as the TAdvStringGrid.


It seems there's a general problem with Del[phi apps and high DPI displays. 

and I've got Enable High DPI checked.

Is this the latest version of our grid? With the latest version, we cannot see any anomaly here wrt font sizing on high DPI.
Also, do you control font size via OnGetCellColor or another event?