TAdvStringGrid with High DPI scaling error

Delphi 10.4.2 on Win10
TAdvStringGrid v8.6.2.1

On a 4k Display with 175% scaling there are some issues.
Normal text in cell, put in by ASG.Cells[c,r] := "text" is scaled nicely, but when the cells contains background color (ASG.Colors[c,r]) or colored text (ASG.FontColors[c,r]), then the text isn't scaled at all (so in my case is very tiny).

I was just about to paste in a new post a report of the same bug, when I found this thread (posted 15min ago). So here is a second report, which may help the original poster!

We have a TAdvStringGrid in which for the first fixed row I had assigned different cell Colors and ColorsTo for each column.

The change on line 13870 in the latest AdvGrid.pas seems to have participated in breaking the appearance of this grid, resulting in the font size becoming really tiny in this row on a 192dpi screen. And reversing just this change (removing 'else') causes the font size to become huge in this row.

I can work around this problem by setting the cell color in OnGetCellColor instead of by assignment to .Colors, but this means that I cannot set a ColorTo for these cells. It seems that when HasCellProperties is true, the font highDPI features are now broken for the cell.

Regression in latest release. Already internally fixed and we'll release ASAP.

Yesterday installed last version.
Problems seems to move... now fontsize seems to be okay, fontcolor gives problems.
We set ABrush.color and AFont.color in OnGetCellColor.
Most Cells are oké, but some cells all text is not shown (we think is painted with the brush color)? When we select the cell and do copy clipboard has the text...

apologies, but the info from the previous post is incorrect.
It's not the color that is going wrong.
It is the autosize of the column that sometimes makes the text completely invisible.
For your information: is a cell with a checkbox on the left. text in the cell we have added some spaces so that it is placed a small distance from the checkbox.
Autosize of this column used to go well. Now it sometimes turns out to be too narrow, so that all text disappears. we have now added a fixed size after autosize this column to continue for the time being

It would be very helpful & efficient if you could isolate this into a sample source project with which we can reproduce the problem here.

TMS_Test.zip (132.1 KB)

Test project for this problem attached.
On Form create reproduces problem (tested on High DPI screen)
Button to add more space (solution we use so we can continue...)

I retested this issue here on high DPI (150%) but I could not see an issue.

Schermopname 2021-05-21 om 08.46.03

Re-tested after installing latest version from your website..
MacBook Pro - Paralleles Desktop - Windows 10 - DPI Scale 350%