TAdvStringGrid ScaleBy()

I'm moving some frames with grids to a bigger display and I'm trying to scale them
to no re-invent the wheel:

  // creates and sets work coordinates frame
  FWorkCoordinatesFrame := TWorkCoordinatesFrame.Create(Self, FNGCParameters);
  FWorkCoordinatesFrame.Parent := AreaClient;
  FWorkCoordinatesFrame.Align := alClient;
  FWorkCoordinatesFrame.ScaleBy(37, 22);
  FWorkCoordinatesFrame.TabStop := False;
  FWorkCoordinatesFrame.Visible := True;

This works fine for editable fields which scale fine in size and font.
For fixed columns/rows the cells are rightly scaled BUT not the font of header columns.
What I've mistaken?

What Delphi version is this?
What are the full grid settings?
I cannot reproduce this with a default TAdvStringGrid on the form.
Please isolate this and provide a sample source project + clear steps to reproduce.

Delphi 10.4.1 with relative updates.

Projects.zip (25.7 KB)

PS: the initial GRID went from a form developped with Delphi7, imported with new Sydney.
With Delphi7 we are using a very old TMS Components library purchased years ago.
We are moving all to Sydney.

It is somewhat unusual to disable high DPI and do this scaling programmatically, but regardless, we implemented a fix that will be included in the next update.

Thanks for support!

However I'm totally new to Sydney, I went from BDS2006, so questions about HDPI are totally new for me.