TAdvOfficeStatusBar only resizes itself

When I use the TAdvToolbarForm as a base for my mainform  there is a TAdvOfficeStatusBar present with a SizeGrip set to True.

But when I run the application it only resizes the TAdvOfficeStatusBar and not the whole form.
What am I doing wrong?
When I set the formstyle to bsSizeToolWindow it does resize the whole form. But then the Minimize-ALL (Windows + M) does not work anymore.
Please advise.

I have retested this here with the default Office 2007 ribbon app generated from the repository that has a statusbar with sizegrip and this works without issues to resize the form. What's different in your app from the default ribbon app?

I will recreate my mainform and check the differences. Somewhere there must be a property that's different.

I'll let you know as soon as possible.
With a new form everything worked great. So I began stripping some code.
It turned out to be a routine that loaded some settings for all our forms. It changed the apperance of the mainform also.
Disabled it and now it works. Now find out what setting caused it.
Thak you for ypur quick response

Last line should say:

Thank you for your quick response