TAdvOfficePager resize

I'm not alone with the first problem. Nobody has solved it yet

1) Resizing a form has huge responses. Because of this, some of my forms are useless. Disabling rendering while resizing a form is unacceptable today.
I don't know if you have it under control or OS. No laicky:
When resizing a form, recalculate only what is visible. Other OfficePage recalculate:
   a) 0.5 - 1.0 sec after towing
   (b) where appropriate. Click on OfficePage

2) If I put two SizePanel on TAdvOfficePager, when pulling on the edge of one I overlap each other. Neighbor does not manage to redraw. Once I put them out of TAdvOfficePager, they render correctly.
Point 2) I solved the setting
MyPage.DoubleBuffered := False;

We can't see an issue in our demo or test apps. 
Do you have some sample source code project with which we can reproduce the issue here?


He forgot to try it out of the IDE. Now I find that the demonstration goes pretty well.