AdvRichEditorFormatButtonBar display problem

Using version of the AdvRichEditorFormatButtonBar.

Under Windows 10, the Font name and size buttons are gray on program start, as are the special symbols (copyright etc) and shape (circle etc) drop downs.  If you mouse over them, they display correctly though.  I do not see this problem under Windows 7.

Under Windows 10, the first displayed font is a space character, but in Windows 7 it is @Arial Unicode.

Also, is there a way to set a default font and size instead of using the first one in the alphabetic list?  I do not see any properties to allow default values.

Correction.  I can get the display problem in Windows 7, but changing the color scheme of the form.  The form has the AdvFormStyler version and the AdvPanelStyler latest version.  Using the AdvComboBox loaded with styles at form create to select a new style, the font, font size, special characters, and shape selector edits all blank out.  They come back when you hover over them, though.

AdvRichEditorFormatButtonBar is a toolbar built with standard VCL control. I cannot see an issue with displaying the special characters here. The comboboxes are the default operating system colors.If you use a standard VCL TComboBox on the form with style csDropDownList, its background will also be gray on Windows 10.
if you want a style-able toolbar for the TAdvRichEditor, please use TAdvRichEditorFormatToolBar included in the TMS Component Pack.

I AM using the TAdvRichEditorFormatToolBar - please read the version information in the first message. This is how it looks at start in Windows 7.

This is how Windows 10 looks at program open, and Windows 7 if I change the color scheme.

My apologies. I am using the AdvRichEditorBUTTONBar, not the toolbar. I will look into seeing if I can change it.

Same result using AdvRucgEditorToolBar as the Button bar.

Did you assign a TAdvToolBarOfficeStyler to the TAdvRichEditorFormatToolBar?

No.  I will try that.  

Just for my education, how are the stylers related?  I do already have an AdvFormStyler and an AdvPanelStyler.  I did not include an AppStyler (it's just one program)  or a MenuStyler.

Please see:

All except the Windows 10 style option work well with the AdvTooBarOfficeStyler.  The choice of Windows 10 makes the entire toolbar disappear.

All choices make the AdvDBDateTimePicker control disappear until you hover the mouse over it.

I'm sorry but I cannot reproduce this here and have not received any similar problem report so far. Did you try this out on a new /default app form?

Adding an AdvMenuStyler for the AdvToolbarOfficeStyler makes it better, but the DBDatepicker still disappears when I change style.  I will try to make a new app later.  The only interaction I have with the stylers is to set the AdvFormStyler value, and to link the various stylers to associated components that have a property for them.

I removed the AdvPanelStyler, and the app now consistently styles OK, except for the panel.

My app now uses:
AdvFormStyler - to actually select the style.
AdvToolBarOfficeStyler - for the AdvRichEditorFormatToolBar
AdvMenuStyler - because the AdvToolBarOfficeStyler showed it in the Object Inspector.  I don't know if this styler is necessary.

I created a test with just a panel, a combo box, a datetimepick, a richedit, richedit toolbar, formstyler, panel styler, toolbar styler and menu styler.  It works fine.  I will look further into my program, though the only time the stylers were dealt with is at design time to drop on the form, and on form create to load the combo box with available styles.  I do not see how database components would affect these.  Thanks for your time.

As I can't see an issue here, please provide some sample source app with which we can reproduce this, so we at least have something to investigate.

I've "found" my problem.  I have since early days of panels always divided my vcl form into 3 sections:

  1. Top aligned - main controls
  2. Left aligned, under the top - selection criteria
  3. Client aligned, so users can adjust the work area.
There's really no reason to do this, so I took out all but one panel.  Now, everything works.  The themes do not affect the components and the coloring is consistent.

Thanks for your suggestions.