TAdvToolBarPager -min max close buttons disappear

Caption Buttons-

Pager Hints still show up
When my application start up the
_ (underscore-minimize) [] (square-maximize)  X (close) button -icons appear

However when the _ button is clicked to minimize the application and then the
application is restored open on the desktop - the buttons are gone - "invisible",
-where the buttons exist - click still works.
Pager Hints still show up.
I tried AntiAlias clearType (default?) None or AntiAlias - no change.

Is there a setting to look at?
WIndows 10.  Happens on different PCs with different video cards.
I can provide screen shots.

Please advise and thanks in advance

I'm not sure I understand the exact circumstances under which this happens.

I retested this with a new TMS Office 2016 ribbon app and with & without the caption buttons, the behavior was correct here.
Can you provide detailed & step by step information how this can be reproduced?
-the visual issue may have something to do with TAdvToolBarOfficeStyler but I am not sure.
-I have another application using the toolbarpager and advtoolbarofficestyler and it DOES not have this symptom.
-The difference is that in the 'problem' application I am modifying themes and setting various parameters of stylers...
-The 'ok' application is using all defaults.


I have verified that it is in my attempt at changing 'themes-stylers?' that the issue occurs.
I disabled that part of the code and the application was okay on minimize-maximize.

Here is an example of code changing 'theme':
There is AdvToolBarOfficeStyler, AdvPreviewMenuOfficeStyler, and AdvOfficeStatusBarOfficeStyler
being 'changed' on the fly-- the visual effects on the form(s) work. (but the min-max-close buttons?).

frmMain.AdvPreviewMenuOfficeStyler1.Style := AdvPreviewMenuStylers.psWindows7;
          frmMain.AdvToolBarOfficeStyler1.Style := AdvToolBarStylers.bsOffice2010Blue;
          frmMain.AdvOfficeStatusBarOfficeStyler1.Style :=

 Thanks again.

It would be helpful if you could provide some sample source app with which we can reproduce this issue here , so we can reproduce & investigate. Various necessary details are missing here, like for example when exactly the style change code is executed in the lifetime of the ribbon component.

this is not an urgent situation.  I will try to make a separate example application.

1. Style change is executed upon start up.  The create code fires a timer and when the timer event executes it reads an ini file which then selects the 'theme'. Timer does not repeat.
2. A menu system can fire the code if the user selects a new theme.
HTH thanks

This application is also affected by the advdbMemo issue I reported earlier. I am not 'working' on this application until a new TMS Component Pack is published. ( introduced this?)
1. The issue occurs upon the initial change of 'themes' in the initial start up timer event.
-I disabled the call to the 'change themes' code from the timer event.
-After program start =if the 'theme' is changed the issue does NOT present itself.
Perhaps some refresh repaint issue during start up even though the onCreate should be finished by the time the timer event is fired?
-For me, I am disabling the initial call to change themes.

I would expect the OnCreate event to come before the timer event? 
(my assumption, since I cannot see your code).
Try moving the theme setting to the form's OnShow event as only there all controls with their window handles are created.