TAdvToolBarPager + styling

Hi, Im using
Captionless Form with AdvToolbar
TForm = class(TAdvToolBarForm)

There is a lot of problems:

When used with Styles Office2010 - 16, MetroStyles

 - Unable to use keys like Win + Left

- Ignores form positions and size:
poDesktopCenter,poScreenCenter,poOwnerFormCenter: Forms are created either in 0,0 of Desktop either Maximized
(This problem occures when compiled on  W10, compiled on W8 was fine)

- Caption of captionless forms are not centered. Every style has its own position:
W10 has caption to the left for example

Problem is only with captionless forms

This works well with styles like W10, W8, W7 etc....

I'm using App styling as recomended: Appstyler in Datamodule, Formstylers and so on....

I have tried XE3 and XE4
TMS Component Pack v8.8.1.0

Win + Left/Right key handling is a known shortcoming (this is because technically the form borderstyle needs to be set to bsNone to look like a ribbon application form). We keep looking for a workaround for this.

I cannot see an issue with the Position setting here.
The position of the caption text on the caption tries to match the position used by Microsoft Office applications and can be affected by Position groups.

I have tried again,
new Empty form with TadvToolBarOfficeStyler, TAdvToolBarPager to avoid infl. of my code.
Style: Office 2013 LightGray
TForm1 = class(TAdvToolBarForm)
poDesktopCenter, poScreenCenter - Maximized
poDesigned: left corner

The same behavior for XE3 and XE4

I have retested this here with the test project

but I see no issues with form position on application startup for different Form.Position settings. 

Hi, compiled your project, Maximized.
Then Added Formcreate , Formactivate
The problem is allready in Formcreate
Here is compiled version of your Project

Please set Form.Position at designtime.

It is in design time,
I was just trying to catch when the window changes the state from wsNormal to wsMaximized.

Did you try combination of W10 + Xe3/Xe4 ?
Because I didn't have this problem on Windows 8.
Must be some problem of W10 and borderless form

Same problem with latest TMS Toolboards component pack. Forms appeared maximized with all the above settings

I have sent you a test project to verify with. We follow up by email.