TadvcontrolDropdown wrong DPI in Delphi 11

  • Drop one of the following controls inside a form of a new VCL application type: Tlabel, TAdvControlDropDown and TPanel
  • Insert inside the above Tpanel a THTMListBox and a Tbutton. Add items to the THTMListBox
  • Set TAdvControlDropDown.Control to the above Tpanel
    Run the above application in a computer with 125% DPI screen, not from Remote Desktop

The items in the dropdown control does not follow the screen's dpi
Thank you in advance

Any news?

Excessive workload prevented a detail analysis so far.

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We traced & solved this issue. The next update will address this.

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Thanks a lot.
The same I found to happen in a TadvGlowbutton inside a TadvToolBar inside a TadvDockPanel

I retested this here
This is the comparison between a TAdvGlowButton on TAdvToolBar in TAdvDockPanel and standalone TAdvGlowButton and TButton on 150% DPI

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You fixed it as it is shown. Waiting for the update that resolved it