Scaling for TAdvGlowButton

The scaling is different when the AdvGlowButton is on an AdvPanel.
With Windows scaling 100%:
With Windows scaling 175%:
The text has been scaled 2x !

What Delphi version is this? What is the IDE form designer DPI handling setting?
Also, is this the latest version of TMS VCL UI Pack?
So far, I could not see any such issue here.

Delphi version is "11.3"
VCL-Disigner-High-DPI-Modus is "Low DPI (96 PPI)"
TMS VCL UI Pack Version is ""
Demo: (91.0 KB)
System is "Windows 11"
Error on Scaling in windows > 100% (i set 175% for the Test)

This seems to be the same issue as a ticket I opened a week or so ago, and about which I also sent an (so far unanswered) follow-up e-mail. There is a recent change in AdvGlowButton.pas which is supposed to be for Delphi 12 only, but it is conditioned on an ifdef "DELPHIXE12_LVL". Changing this to the correct define for Delphi 12, which is DELPHIXE15_LVL, fixed the problem it introduced for me in Delphi 11. I don't yet use Delphi12 so I have not verified it there.

We can confirm this will be addressed in the next TMS VCL UI Pack release

I have change the "DELPHIXE12_LVL" to "DELPHIXE15_LVL" and it works under Delphi 11. I tried it under Delphi 12 and it's wrong again:

Are you 100% sure you compile with latest version files , i.e. a correct file. I.e. check if DELPHIXE15_LVL define exists when compiling for Delphi 12.