TAdvControlDropDown with HighDPI Issues

Delphi 11.1
Windows 10Pro 64
VCL UI Pack v10.7.5

When using the TAdvControlDropDown on a machine with Windows scaling = 150%, the linked panel is by factor 1.5 to big (height and width scaled). Also the components are scaled which causes them to overlap.

Thanks for reporting. We traced & solved this Delphi 11 specific issue. The next update will address this.

The upscaling is fixed with VCL UI Pack 10.7.6, but the font size of the controls in drop down are increased.
So I have a panel with labels, ComboBox and SpinEdit. This Panel is set in the control property of the AdvControlDropDown. At runtime all fonts sizes are increased by around 1 in the dropdown, which causes overlapping of the controls.

I could not reproduce this.
I added code to inspect the font.Height properties of the controls on the panel and these were all identical to the design-time setting.
If a problem persists, please provide a sample source project & clear steps with which we can reproduce this here.

I found the issue while creating the sample project. The TAdvControlDropDown and the Panel that is used in the control property is within a TGroupBox. In this example project the effect is reverse than in my other project, the panel with the components is much smaller in drop down than at design time.
When I place the panel outside the TGroupBox directly on the form, the issue is gone in the sample project. Unfortunatly not in my other project.

Here is the sample project:

We could reproduce this but could not find a solution yet.
It is related to the component creation order. Moving the creation of the dropdown control to an earlier time than the dropdown control should help. We keep investigating for a general solution.

actually that made things even worse.
Hope you find a solution.
Good luck.

I assume that relates to Log in - Embarcadero Technologies