TAdvListEditor with HighDPI Issues

TAdvListEditor doesn't work properly with HighDPI (v2Monitor Scaling) and 150% scaling.

We will need a little more information regarding your problem.
We tested this with a new TAdvListEditor on the form and it works as expected.
Could you test this as well?

Can you please give us the following additional informatoin: the installed VCL UI Pack version or component version, your Delphi version, the settings of your projects and possible settings changed on your component?

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I tested it on a new project and got the same issue.
To specify the issue better: When using a lookup list, the dropdown appearing after entering the first letter (default setting), the shown popup is way to big.
Again: Project setting Manifest: v2Monitor
150% scaling on windows

VCL UI Pack is latest version (v10.7.3.0)
Delphi 11.1 Pro on Win10 pro

Is it the size of the popup itself and/or the size of the font in the popup?
Normally, the popup should size according to the content of the popup and the font for the text in the popup is controlled by AdvListEditor.LookupPopup.Font

indeed the lookupPopup.font size was 12, the other 9 (this was default). But the the actual font size is a lot bigger and changing lookupPopup.font size to 9 didn't change anything:

This appears to be Delphi 11 specific. We applied a fix that will be in the next update.

I can confirm fix in v10.7.4