AdvToolPanelTab - scaling errors on High DPI monitors

  1. Components are scaled incorrectly on High DPI monitors. Components are scaled correctly only when the panel is locked. After unlocking the panel, the components are scaled incorrectly again.


  1. On High DPI monitors, with the Persist->AutoLoad and Persist->AutoSave options enabled, panel widths are read incorrectly


I use TMS VCL UI Pack v12.1.2.0

I retested this here using TMS VCL UI Pack v13.0.2.0 from Delphi 11.3 and I could not see an issue with size of controls on the ToolPanel after slide in/slide out, lock/unlock.
If a problem persists with the latest version, please provide more details how to reproduce.

I used TMS VCL UI Pack v13.0.2.0 and Embarcadero 11.2. The problem still persists. I have a few observations:

  1. The problem occurs if I set AdvToolPanelTab1->Position = ppRight. If I set the same AdvToolPanelTab1 to the left position, everything is fine.
  2. This has to do with the scalability setting in Windows. If I set a value other than the recommended one for a given resolution, it scales incorrectly.
  3. If I set scalability in Windows according to the recommended value and Position = ppRight, only the font is scaled incorrectly. Locking the panel scales the font correctly.
  4. When you lock/unlock the panel, the components are scaled

We applied an improvement that will be included in v13.0.3.0