TAdvCalDAV Recurrency Issue

I came across a nasty problem where syncing events to an Owncloud server using TAdvCalDAV caused the calendar to become unusable. The problem was that the Recurrency strings were invalid. It seems that Owncloud does not want the RRULE: part of the recurrency string. Does anyone know if this is an issue unique to Owncloud or do all CalDAV servers have the same requirement?

Hi Micheael, 

no, this is not the same in all servers, OwnCloud have different implementation in some cases regarding to RFC  but also we will work this out and we will fix it because we are trying to maximize our support for rest of known servers. 

implementation of CalDav Servers are different in some cases but in  General most of them are following RFC , just like this exception there are small difference between existing implementations. 

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