AdvCalDav and Baikal

I have a Baikal server running and can sync with Thunderbird. When I try to access the server with TAdvCalDav I get a 403 error. Is there some trick to work with Baikal?

I'm using the 
OwnCloud Calendar demo just substituting my server URL for the OwnCloud URL.

Are you configuring the URL correct, i.e. startpath of the CalDav & CardDav server.

http://server:port/caldav/ <o:p></o:p>




I'm using the exact same CalDav URL as I use with Thunderbird.


Thunderbird is not a complete implementation of CalDav or CardDav, your server MUST return principal address based on your authentication. our system using the same method as ICALENDAR (which is standard implementation of ICalendar) 

so , your server must be configured to support returning Principal address to client, system will define actual path itself by sending commands to server to retrieve information .

Ryan (TMS Support)