Recurrence information with TiCloudCalendar


I'm using the TiCloudCalendar to implement a synchronization between a local calendar and the iCloud-Calendar.

There are a few iCal -properties I couldn't find in the TvEvent, which are needed for a correct synchronization.
Such as "EXDATE" (List of deleted recurring items) and "RECURRENCE-ID" (Original start DateTime of an excpetion).

Where can I find them?

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Sorry, there is currently unfortunately no built-in support for recurrency in TiCloudCalendar.

Hello Bruno, 

I do not need you to handle all the recurrence issues. I just want to get access to the raw properties the iCal format provides. The interpretation of the properties and the synchronisation will be my challenge either. 
Theoretically I could get them by patching your sources - but this would be an additional source of errors and I dislike it. 

Thank you for helping out!

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The recurrency formula itself is retrieved from the iCloud calendar though and can already be accessed via: CalDavItem.vCalendar.vEvents[x].Recurrency: string